Synergie Skin is your ultimate skin solution, with a complete and comprehensive range of active cosmeceuticals to address all skincare types and concerns including signs of ageing, hyperpigmentation and acne. Synergie Skin cosmeceuticals proudly contain ground-breaking and revolutionary active ingredients harnessed at high levels for maximum results. Remaining true to our ‘Clean Science’® commitment, our formulations are backed by science and truly ethical with no potentially harmful ingredients. Available exclusively at partner skin clinics and medispas.

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Synergie Practitioner is our medical skincare range exclusive to doctors and medical professionals. These products are a step up from the Synergie Skin range, and is comprised of 7 specialty cosmeceuticals and professional products including highly active chemical peels and micro-needling devices. Remaining true to our 'Clean Science' ® commitment, our formulations are backed by scientific evidence and truly ethical with no potentially harmful ingredients. Synergie Practitioner is available only via partner medical clinics and following a professional skin analysis and prescription. It is not available through department store or retail channels.

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With a focus on sun protection, Synergie Minerals is our mineral makeup range and an extension of your skincare regimen. Formulated to protect, change and nurture the skin, the Synergie Minerals range offers high-performance cosmetics, including foundation, concealers, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and more. All foundations and concealers contain significant levels of zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and iron oxide for broad spectrum solar protection. Opt for a makeup that’s actually good for you- the side effect is flawless, radiant and beautiful looking skin! Synergie Minerals follows our ‘Clean Science’® commitment (free from any potentially harmful ingredients), 100% Australian made, and cruelty-free (CCF certified).

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